1. General Situation

A) There will not be refund or exchange service after the goods are shipped.

Except for the following conditions, refund or exchange arrangements can be accepted

• Any damage or malfunction of the product

• Goods and order content are different

• Inappropriate size


B) Customers must submit a refund or exchange request to us by email within 7 days after receiving the goods.


Please note: Overdue will not be processed. (Reply within 7 working days)


2. Refund Arrangements

Refund procedure:

1. When applying for a refund, please provide the order number, receipt, contact information, and the fault description of the product attach with the defective photo of the product.

2. All goods must be returned to the company before a refund can be arranged.

3. The refund method will be refunded by the same payment method in the transaction.

4. The refund process takes 7-10 working days to reach the buyer's account.


Please note: The refund does not include credit card charges and shipping costs.

3. Refund and Exchange Restrictions

• More than 7 days after receiving the goods.

• Damaged or missing items.

• Packaging damaged.

• The product is stained or has been washed.


Please note: No request will be accepted if you have any situation as above.


For any dispute, the decision of Chung Yung Cycle Co. is final.

Customer can contact us via the below channel