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To register warranty, please click the following icon.


Please keep the original invoice properly for the proof of subsequent warranty services.


Warranty Content:

The availability of replacement items and parts are subject to manufacturer stocking and production status. We will do our best to provide the same products as replacement. The manufacturer reserves the right to provide substitutes or upgrade offer in case of discontinuing or other reason that makes us unable to provide the same products. GIANT reserves the rights to warranty and modification of this warranty policy.

Warranty conditions and restrictions:

Limited to first-hand buyers, which should be the users under the product warranty registration.

Chung Yung Cycle Co. reserves the right to defective product identification.

Please proceed the warranty registration within 30 days after purchase.

The warranty period will be automatically upgraded to lifetime after successful registration. (For model year 2018 or later,       except on models intended for downhill purposes).

The warranty period will remain as 5 years if the product is fail to be registered online within 30 days upon purchase.

Chung Yung Cycle Co. reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. For any dispute, the     decision of the company is final.


All of the following items does not covered by the warranty service:

Second hand owner.

Out of warranty.

Case caused by external force (Including artificial damage).

Improper storage way.

Damage caused directly or indirectly during transportation.

Normal wear and tear on parts such as tyres, chains, brakes, cables and gearwheels in situations where there are no assembly      or material defects.

Bicycles serviced by other than an Authorised Giant Retailer.

Modifications from the original condition.

Use of the bicycle for abnormal, competition, and/or commercial activities or for purposes other than those for which the bicycle       was designed.

Any Damage caused by failing to follow the owner's manual.

Paint finish and decal damage resulting from taking part in competitions, jumping, downhill and/or training for such activities or         events as a result of exposing the bike to, or riding the bike in, severe conditions or climates.

Labour charges for part replacement or changeover.

Incidental costs from the warranty service.


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